Migrating a large Team to a Yammer Community

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In my virtual travels I see a lot of people creating large Teams that are operating as Communities, that I believe would be better placed on Yammer. I've been told that they are using a Teams team because of the ability to share content ... which if they are using SharePoint for content should make little, if any, difference. My general advice is to re-create the Team as a Community on Yammer and use Teams for hosting small improvement activities that might emanate from the Community. These teams could then report back into the Community when they have something to share ... thus avoiding the digital noise that exists in the big Teams. 


What I am missing is a good process for migrating a large Team on Teams to a Community in Yammer. Anyone already done this and have a good process?


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If by "sharing content" people are looking for people to have an authoring experience with those files, then I thinks Teams provides much better functionality for editing docs.

Migration from Teams to Yammer, if you're looking to actually migrate messages, probably would need to be done by a consulting organization. Try Googling "yammer migration" and see what you get.
Thanks Kevin .... on reflection I can see that if say a 1,000+ Community of practice was looking to create and publish a "best practice" guide it would be best to form a Teams team for its production where joint authoring is more likely. It's really the enterprise discussions, debates, planning on actions that needs to exist in Yammer so it can attract staff who may not necessarily be obvious candidates for the community. I'll check out the migration to Yammer techniques