Microsoft Tech Community and Yammer User Voice ... why are there two forums?


I see quite a few discussions here making suggestions for Yammer, and often people reply that those suggestions are being discussed / considered in the Yammer User Voice forum.


Why can't the two different forums be combined?

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Hi @Karl Brooks we're working on integrating UserVoice forums into the Microsoft Tech Community but it will be a few months before we can share more news on that.  In the meantime the official place for Yammer Product Feature Requests is the Yammer UserVoice page (  Adding @Angus Florance for more info.

Thank you for the speedy reply, it's good to hear that you're working on it ... although don't divert any resources away from integrating Yammer with Office 365 Groups and Yammer with Skype for Business, those are the changes I'm really looking forward to ;)

Separate teams so no diversion of resources planned there!

And we're excited to show what we've been working on very soon! 


Related, here's a post about why we started Uservoice again:



Anna Chu, can you help me understand how we "discuss" items at User Voice? I haven't found a way to reply to Cindy Alvarez when she asked a question about my suggestion submitted there. Am I being dim, is there actually discussion out there?

I'm not the expert on UserVoice but certainly can see the comments are lively in the Yammer UserVoice.

You just select the Comments button ...



UserVoice Comments.PNG

Gracias! I didn't think to click on "0 comments" in order to POST a comment!