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Hi Folks,

we are proceeding with our Yammer Roll-Out and we wonder how the Yammer handles e.g. Teams Meeting invites sent to the group. As I tested the Invitation is normally sent to Members of the community due to the underlying M365-Group but a Post will not be created within the Community itself, neither does it appear within the "Events"-Tab.

Is there a plan to treat these situations a bit more friendly?
I could imagine that sometimes a Meeting is much better to have and a LiveEvent doesn't really meet the requirements for a happening. I imaging for example an after-work which is announced in Yammer. Having the possibility to create an event which leads to a Teams Meeting would be a great Addition to the New Yammer.

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If what you're trying to do is to leverage a Yammer community/M365 Group for email purposes, this is not really they way it has been designed. Better to use native Yammer announcements to reach that audience, or find an alternative method for email.

M365 Groups use of email and Yammer has never been mutually available, and it is seems unlikely after 5+ years that Microsoft would change their mind.

I still keep my Hopes up for Microsoft to have Yammer process meeting invitations per Mail in a way like they process normal postings via mail into the group. Except if MS decides to let one create a Community Event which is not a Live Event.
Right now it seems that Yammer just forwards the Meeting invitation to every community member without copying it into the community as a post.