Meet the New Yammer Webinar - Follow Up Questions




After leveraging the "Meet the New Yammer" PowerPoint template and adapting it for my business and communications team, I have several follow up that my team raised about the New Yammer:

Q1: Universal Launch Date: When will all users be moved to the new platform on desktop computers? Is July XX, 2020 still the target date?

Q2: Pinned Posts: Who can pin and unpin posts in a Community? Anyone or just the Community Admins?

Q3: Pinned Posts: Is there an expiry on a pinned post or does it have to be unpinned by the Admin?

Q4: Announcement Function: Announcements, Questions, Polls and Praise can be posted using the announcement delivery function with associated notifications to all community members or by using Standard delivery. Who can use the "Announcement" delivery feature? All community members or just the Community Admins?

Q4: Community Profile Photos: Currently you can update the Community Profile photo on mobile devices. When Yammer official changes over to desktop, will the Community Profile photo transition over?

Thank you!

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Q1 I don't believe that Microsoft has updated public guidance on this yet. Given that it's mid/late June and New Yammer is still in Preview I'd say that the July date is not a sure bet.


Q2 Only community admins can pin/unpin


Q3 No expiry


Q4 Community Admins only


Q5 Yes. The Cover Photo is visible in all end-points that use New Yammer (mobile, New Yammer on the web, MS Teams Communities app).