MC87864 - New Feature: All newly created Yammer groups will connect to Office 365 Groups

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I saw this change in the admin center today.  What happens if we do not have Exchange online and do not allow end users to provision Office 365 groups today?  Today - anyone in our Yammer network can create a group.  Since we have Office 365 group creation limited to Admins right now I would assume they will lose that ability and get a message like "we are unable to create your group".    

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Initially in this condition Yammer will continue to create a Yammer only group rather than fail.

Just to expand on Steven's reply, yes he's correct that under the conditions you describe, the Yammer group will still be created only without the connected Office 365 group functionality. If one of your approved Admins creates the group, it would get the connected Office 365 group functionality. 


With respect to not being on EXO, you'll still be able to create Office 365 Groups. From a Yammer perspective, one of the benefits of the Office 365 Group integration is that an address gets created in the GAL that lets people address the Yammer group directly via email. Doing so would post the message to that Yammer group. However, in your scenario, since you're not on EXO, the group would not be addressable via the GAL. One could still address the group via the traditional Yammer group email method (ie.


More info in the FAQ in this article



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Please help.  Admin screens show we should have connected 0365 groups yet we do not.  Creating new groups still gives us the traditional Yammer group with none of the added 0365 integration of sites, notebook or planner. 

It's now live in my tenant, just created a group in Yammer, and the 365 groups are created.