Logging into Yammer with multiple usernames

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Hi, all. In our company, in addition to our personal Yammer profiles, we also have group profile names (for example, our Internal Communications team posts to Yammer as Internal Communications - not as an individual person). Recently, with Office 365 single sign-on, we are finding some team members are having difficulty logging on as anyone other than themselves. We have tried using new browsers, clearing history/cookies/cache. Office 365 is looking for the person when logging in as Internal Communications (only for some of us).


Is there a work-around for this that we are missing?



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Hi Kelly :) Welcome btw!
Do you know if Enforce O365 Identity is on for your Yammer network? If you are or know your Yammer Admin, you can check on this. It's a setting that forces single sign on.

If it isn't on. using a private/incognito browser session should help (assuming you can do that from your work machines).

Happy to help troubleshoot more if you find out more info.