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I'm wanting to do a photo contest for our employees using Yammer. Ideally I'd like people to be able to vote by "liking" their favorite picture but I'm not seeing that as an option. I see that you can like the whole post that includes pictures but I'm not seeing that you can individually "like" a photo. Am I missing something? 


If that's not an option, any suggestions on how to have the employees vote on their favorite photo? There could be anywhere between 50-100 photos. I want to make it easy on them. 



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@Alex-Ruiz You're correct. You Like at the post level, not the doc/file level.


Consider: One photo per post in a group designated for posting these photos, then have people Like the posts (consider using a contest-specific "topic" / hashtag).


I could see this being done in a SharePoint library that has ratings enabled, but you can't force people viewing a doc library into thumbnail mode, so would be harder to do there.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks for the feedback! Really helpful!