Keyword Monitoring and future for Yammer


Looks like there is a current issue with Keyword Monitoring and it is currently not working. This is bad news for data loss prevention scenarios and our particular problem - safeguarding younger users. We have more than 30,000 under 18s in our Yammer network and have built processes around the Keyword Monitoring facility. It doesn't work just now - reported 6 days ago but no further information as yet - but I'm keen to get some information on what the future holds for this particular function.

It seems like the direction of travel is greater reliance on S4B - it is integrated into OWA, leveraged by Teams and now integrated into Yammer in terms of online presence and initiating calls. I'm concerned that there is a planned move to S4B messaging which means bypassing Keyword Monitoring completely. For now, I presume it won't be covered by other DLP type functions as it doesn't go through transport (have this same concern over all Teams messaging too).

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether this is likely to be fixed or is part of a strategic change? What measures, if any, are proposed to address real time monitoring of 'chat' services in Yammer/Teams?

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Keyword monitoring shouldn't be impacted by any integration with Skype for Business.


Appears that it was a technical issue in delivering those keyword alerts. If you have specific details, and if the issue is still ongoing, please do reach out to your MS support team.