Issues adding Yammer feed to SharePoint Modern pages

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Hi All,

I have a fairly standard O365 setup and I'm creating some basic SharePoint sites using the new Modern Site Pages. So I add the Yammer webpart to the Site Page.

I then go to add the URL of the specific group feed  I would like the webpart to show.


BUT whatever URL I use, whether it is a user feed or group etc it always shows the Home Feed.

The only thing that links to the specific feed I selected is the Comment box, which shows that it will post to that group. (but only sometimes)





I have also tried to use the embed webpart in the modern pages but it says that it doesn't accept script, which happens to be including in the Yammer embed function.


Does anyone have any ideas of how I could resolve this.


Thanks for any help in advance.

Kind Regards

Rob Freeman

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Hi Rob - I just looked at one of my Group associated SharePoint sites where I have a Yammer group on a page and it is displaying a specific group.  I added this quite awhile ago. When I edit the web part it is called 'Yammer feed' and the web part properties show three things. 1) Web address. The web address is essentially the URL I get when I right click the Yammer Group and select copy link. Although at the end of this link is &view=all.  2) Display size - I have Large selected. This just shows more of the Group feed.  3) Switch to newer conversation model. - I hadn't noticed this before but it provides a card display. I haven't tried this one to see if I like the way it works.  Here is what my web address looks like:

Does yours look like that?

Thanks - Greg