Is Yammer group creation impacted when O365 connected groups are managed?


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I'm hearing rumblings in our enterprise that we are looking to manage the creation of O365 connected groups. Particularly, making all groups private. Currently, our Yammer Network allows any O365 licensed user to create a group private or public.  


  • How does this change how Yammer groups get created?
  • As a Network Admin am I a "User Management Administrator" and still able to make groups?
  • Are newly created groups still connected groups?
  • Are all newly created groups Private if that's enforced in PS script?

Any guidance is appreciated. 

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@Dinorah Flores And you're asking because you know that Yammer's best use case is with Public Groups, not Private ones.


The question is whether this process forbids public groups, after they've been created. If so, you've got a big problem. If not, then it's an extra step for those creating new groups in Yammer to make the public after creation.