Is Yammer a good choice to communicate with Youth?

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We are a local government body setting up M365. We have not established Yammer yet so would like some guidance if possible please. We would like to know if we should set up an external network in Yammer for the following scenario or if you have ideas on another M365 tool that would work better:


One of the services we provide is "what's around your area" for local Youth residents. The Youth team are currently using Facebook Messenger Groups to communicate daily with the youth residents to let them know about events, programs and services we provide. The youth reply in Messenger with questions and RSVPs  around the services. The problem is that our staff are using their personal Facebook accounts to communicate with this Messenger group which is inappropriate in many instances and leaves staff open to social media stalking. We'd like to find a more professional way of communicating that also caters to ways that Youth might engage in.


The Youth have said they do not want Teams.


If Yammer is a good option, do you have any advice on the best way to set up and external network and best practices?




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