Is there a way to Populate the Yammer People Picker?

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We are a full Office 365 organization using Azure AD for permissions and access.  We've been on O365 for just over a year and have not yet publicized the use of Yammer companywide (IT was previously focused on our Intranet, building SharePoint sites and our director of communications is waiting for the completion of another event before encouraging the use of Yammer.)  That said, there is about 10% of the entire organization that actively uses Yammer.


The problem we're seeing is the ability to select people for notification or to add to groups from the Yammer people picker.  It appears that names in the Yammer people picker only show up once the user has actively logged into Yammer at least once.  Their name doesn't show up if they've never logged into Yammer; even if they have been active in some of the other apps in O365.


Another complication is that we are an organization with three companies and two educational institutions (i.e. 5 potential email suffixes). Some of our staff have multiple emails.  So asking a person to just enter the persons email (if they don't show up in the people picker) is a rather involved process to just identify the person's email. It’s not always clear which company a person actually works for and thus which email suffix they use when logging into Office 365.


Is there a way to populate the people picker in Yammer with Azure AD so that any name in our company can be found (even if the user has never logged into Yammer)?

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You could use Bulk Update to create the users as per

but in general I would suggest letting Yammer group virally rather than forcing matters, very many other companies have found this to be the best way to get people most engaged in the service. Being tagged by people is pretty annoying if you never wanted to join the network.

Thanks Steven, I appreciate the idea, but that doesn't solve the problem.  I want our staff and faculty to not be frustrated when creating a group and adding members to that group (whether it be a Student Services department group or a Department of Psychology faculty group).  I don't believe the bulk upload would solve the people picker problem.  If we can't populate the people picker, Yammer will not thrive because our staff and faculty will give up and go back to using email.  Plus the bulk upload still requires the person doing it to know which email to populate the csv file with.

The 'people picker' in Yammer is populated by all the accounts that exist in the network, Yammer typically only creates accounts when people first access.
You can use Bulk Update to add users to the network, so they will then appear as you mention people, but it's not really the intention.

I don't think this is possible. Notifications from Yammer aren't "guaranteed" in the sense you're looking for anyway, even for existing users. I'd expect that a lot of work needs to be done just to align the on-boarding process with the notification that you want to be generated. Receiving a vanilla "you've been mentioned/added" message is potentially a huge barrier to adoption.

Thanks Benjamin,  I suspect you're correct.