Is 'Praise' here to stay?


So we are planning to launch an online Appreciations/Recognition program internally and we were looking at leveraging Yammer's Praise feature. But just wanted to get a quick vote of confidence from the Yammer team, on where they see Praise in the Yammer roadmap.


We are looking to integrate Praise with a bunch of other systems/processes. So we want to be sure that we can depend on Praise and that it will only get feature rich from here. But if there are any doubts/discussions on getting rid of the Praise feature or getting no support for it (tech/api) etc. then I would like to get insights on that before we get onto this program.


Any pointers are appreciated! Thank you!

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I don't have any insider information but I don't think Praise is going anywhere in Yammer.  It's a useful option to promote good practices and a job well done, so it would be strange if it was to be depreciated or anything like that.  You'll see Praise mentioned a fair bit in the adoption best practices and such, like below, so I think you can be relatively confident it isn't going anywhere!


Yammer Praise.png

We are also exploring ways to recognize our users more. If/when the time is right, would love to learn more about the program you are planning..

Not Yammer related but it's worth seeing what the folks at Karmabot are doing with their solution for Microsoft Teams.  Some neat ideas though I don't think it would work for everyone.




Karmabot Explained

The last organisation where I worked I convinced the HR business to use Yammer posts and recognition as part of the official employee performance review. So rather than limit the review to the 5 or 6 nominated individuals you work with or report into, you could submit evidence of where you have provided tangible help with others across the organisation - a small step in true 360 degree feedback across a longer time frame. It helped that at the time there were a lot of articles about the death of the yearly employee performance review ... Garry @ Selfridges
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No plans to remove Praise. I'd love to tell you that we have amazing plans to improve it but unfortunately can't commit to that either. But it's certainly here to stay.

Sure. Will connect with you when I have little more insights to share. Thanks!

Thanks @Angus Florance. That sounds reassuring! :) Look forward to all the amazing stuff planned! 


Is there any public roadmap that you can point me to, anything that gives me high-level info on whats coming in near future?

Always love waking up to good news. Thanks Angus!