Is it possible to search within a yammer group for "announcements only"

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Is there a way to search within a group for "announcements only". I.e. is there a syntax or method to search only within announcments?  

Yammer groups allows to post Announcements (sort of Publishing) vs. posts (i.e. collaboration).  In our enviroment former are mostly official information, and latter questions and requests for help. 


So for us it would be essential to be able to search only within announcments. 

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I don't think there is any way to do this in the regular user UI.

we had almost similiar problem, but we wanted to search all 'announcements' which we have published :\ but it's not possible

so we are trying to remeber to use hashtag #announcement always when publishing any announc. :) maybe you could use similiar solution and then, when you have page with annouc.only you could try with ctrl+F to find specific word....


There is too much work I know, but maybe it will help a bit

As Kevin notes, there's no way to do within the regular UI. You can script a routine to look at each message and note which ones have a message-type of announcement. Definitely not ideal; it's locked in the message metadata and isn't included in the export.

Yuri, my suggestion would be to create a Flow that watches for announcements in that group, and then posts the content of the announcement to a list item in the SharePoint site for the group. Then, create a nice formatted view of that list, and add a link to your Announcement archive from your Yammer group. [Note: I haven't actually tried this yet, but I will!]