Is it possible to dispose the Embedded Yammer Feed, or update the URL to show a new Open Graph?

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I have been trying to integrate the Yammer Embedded Feed in a single-page application, but calling the embedFeed function multiple times is creating multipe feeds (of course), but removing the element containing the feed (using  jQuery's remove method) does not seem to free up the Feed object for garbage collection.


The embedFeed function does not appear to return anything, and I couldn't see any documentation concerning cleaning up a feed when it is no longer required. So I was wondering what the best way to go about this is?


I'd have thought that either we could use a single feed and update the object URL (which doesn't appear to be an option provided) to show a new Open Graph feed for the entity being viewed as the user navigates the application; or we could dispose the old feed and embed a new one with the current entity's details, although this would require disposing the old feed(s).


Any help at all would be appreciated. The usual question sites seem to have similar issues but not any answers for this.


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