Inserting meaningful links

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Maybe I am missing something obvious...  When you past in a URL, it recgonizes that it is a URL and makes it a preview or at least the link is shown as attached to the message. How then can you edit the URL text (the part you pasted in) to be a descriptive link?  Can you add a link like that in Yammer?



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Hey Rob, when sharing a link on Yammer, Yammer does pull through some of the metadata (also referred to as Open Graph data). Yammer will display what it pulls from the link you are sharing, and I don't believe that you can edit the information that is shown. 


That said, you can remove the URL once the link is attached to the message and the preview will remain. 

We are currently overhauling how external links are displayed in Yammer. Not sure if this specific feature forms part of the work but good feedback. Will pass this onto the team.... 

I am hoping link previews will be larger on the desktop environment like they are in the iPhone version. The link preview images are way too small on the desktop....should be an easy fix while you are upgrading?

Yes! That will be the first thing we do. ;)