Innovation as a Conversation

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I've had several discussions with the folks at Sideways 6. Their approach to facilitating idea management / innovation strikes me as intelligent. Few ever know they are even participating in a structured campaign to improve work. They're just exploring the edges of the possible in engaging conversations among peers. And everyone is included from the get go. 


Yet, the results are tangible. Yammer alone has a hard time supporting this particular use case at scale and in a managed fashion. Sideways 6 unlocks this capability if leaders have the curiousity and questions to invite creativity and challenge tradition. 


How do you manage innovation efforts today? A spreadsheet? Other tool? Ad hoc? Do you feel like Yammer garners the attention and momentum needed to successfully deliver on campaigns? What would need to change in order for Yammer to become a viable vehicle?


Surprise your network and solicit their input on next time an innovation initiative comes up. 



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