In order to be a real digital worker, what is more important, culture or the tools that we use?

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According to IBM collaboration expert Chris Crummey, "it is not products, but behaviour that matters" to achieve digital transformation. In order to be more social, you have to think and behave differently to the way you do now. You have to work out loud, lead out loud and move business processes to collaboration platforms. I have recently written a post about this topic. What do you think? Do you agree? Do you give more importance to IT solutions or to culture and change management?

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I like your post a lot, I like the "Lead Out Loud" even more than "Work Out Loud"! We just conducted our company strategy offsite meeting and shared posts, pictures, and videos back to the company in close to real time! It was really well received!

I was also interested in the lead out loud concept. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the post!
I could not agree more. It is not the tool, it is the mindset of the user, and the culture of the department and organization.

Your post is right on the money. Well done!

Hi Larry, happy to see you agree! Normally people focus on technology only and, as you already know, this is not enough.