Impact of provisioning O365 groups on Yammer

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We can provision O365 groups by using Azure functions, but what is the impact of this on Yammer? My understanding is that you are opting out of O365 connected Yammer groups by not allowing users to create O365 groups themselves (i.e. implementing a provisioning solution).


Read somewhere that we're getting the option to create O365 connected Yammer groups via the O365 Admin Center, but are we getting the same Azure functions to do this? Can we create O365 connected Yammer groups by using the Yammer API? Do we need a service account with the permission to create an O365 group to achieve this? 

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AFAIK the only way to create a Yammer-connected Office 365 Group is via the regular UI in Yammer.


If the users on your whitelist created a Yammer group I would expect other O365 Groups resorurces to also be created.

Thanks for the reply. Have read somewhere that you can create O365 connected groups by using the API. This makes sense as the O365 group is created after creating the Yammer group and the API already allowed you to create groups. You do need an account with permission to create O365 groups or they will end up with a normal group. I'm convinced that it's better to keep self-service, especially now that I know that it will have an impact on the Yammer experience.