Ideas needed: for an online treasure hunt via Yammer

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Hey All,


We are intending to run an online treasure hunt as part of our internal campaign. Need some ideas.


I do remember that on the erstwhile Yammer IT Pro Network (which has been migrated here); there was a treasure hunt organised as part of its 50K Milestone celebrations. I could dig out the notification from my emails, it was announced on 19-Feb-2015.


Here is a screenshot:


50K Milestone50K Milestone



Does anybody remember that? How was it done? Any resources that are still available? I tried to get to the archived group but all it says is that "your request has been submitted to an admin for approval". I vaguely remember that it was a series of documents posted online (Word, Excel, OneNote etc.) and had a clue in each after solving a simple problem.


Any other ideas? 



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I'd love to know more about this. Hoping someone chimes in. 

Pinging @Kady Dundas. Hoping that she has got some resources still around.

How fun to see this thread. Those contests on the O365 Network were really fun. The 50k Treasure Hunt took people on a hunt through the different apps in O365 to collect clues and then landed them in a secret group. First one there (in each timezone) won a prize. I don't have the detailed treasure map anymore but @Michael Holste may have them in his files. 


I thought the 20k celebration on the O365 Network was more successful in bringing the community together. For that, we ran a daily challenge for 5 days in a row. Here's the file with details on what we did. Big shout out to all the Yammer legends who broke new ground in these community celebrations - we learned a lot from them and implemented their best practices in our own celebrations!

Here's the infographic we made at the time (credit to @Michael Holste and his mad design skills)

That's wonderful @Kady Dundas! Really helpful. Thank you. Yes, that was fun and kudos to the community members. Have learnt a lot indeed.


I shall wait for @Michael Holste for the map details, as that will surely take the load of me working out the details by myself!


Thanks again.

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Hey Abhimanyu, 


Creating the Treasure Hunt was fun and pretty challenging. We wanted to showcase a number of different apps while teaching people how to best use the community. So we decided to put a 'clue' in a Word document, in PowerPoint, in Sway, and so forth.


To do this, we created a fun learning document that had a hidden hyperlink in each app and hosted each file in a public OneDrive so that external users could access them. Each clue represented a letter, which, when all were solved, spelled out 'Fifty Thanks'. We had created an unlisted Yammer group with that title. Once users landed there, they counted as an 'entry'. We then used the Random Number Generator tool in Excel to pick winners out of the entries. 


Here's a look at how we launched it. You can click on the first 'Clue' and see how the Treasure Hunt works! 



50k Milestone Treasure Hunt Contest (Yammer Note)


To celebrate the 50,000 members who make the Office 365 Network a fun and valuable place, we’re launching a 50k Milestone Treasure Hunt. We will have two start times for the Treasure Hunt in order to create equal opportunity to win for people in different time zones.


CONTEST #1 START TIME: 6:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM (14:00) UTC



Thanks a ton @Michael Holste! This should be a good start for me. 20K and 50K were great efforts by you guys! 


I was able to open the initial Sway but the next link to LakeWashington i.e. to goes dead. Perhaps that was a trial tenant created for this very purpose. I can understand that. But I got the general idea.


Just one more help requested and I shall not bug you further:


By chance would you be having a couple of those Excel or Word or PowerPoint docs lying around with you? My memory is very foggy on this, just can't seem to remember how those were set up and how the clues were asscociated with a letter. One or two examples should be enough to get me started. 


Attached are the files I have. Couldn't find the Excel file. 

Amazing @Michael Holste! Thanks a lot. Actually - Fifty Thanks!

Hello! Thank you for posting this question. I was looking to do something similar for one of our departments but more relevant for Yammer. I was wondering if the files were accesible to anyone? I tried downloading but kept getting an error, file not found message.