I need help with Yammer member numbers

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Each time I add people to my community in Yammer, the member count does not change. (it says 8 members)

However, when I click on the member list there are  52 users in the community.

If I go to the Yammer page, it says there are 52 members in this group.

But when I try to create an announcement to send out, it says it's only going to go to the 8 members.

At one point when I first added the members to the community, it showed the correct number, however, the next time I went to that Yammer page it went back to only showing 8 members. So frustrating!

Can someone please assist?

As I said, if you click on where it says 8 members, it shows the list of all 52 members in the community group and will allow you to remove them from the community or give them admin rights.

But the overall member number of the group doesn't show the accurate count and I'm not able to send an announcement to all 52 members.

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Sounds like a bug that should be reported via Microsoft Support.