How to remove user from yammer group after user has been deactivated?

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After an employee leaves our company we deactivate his office and yammer account (from network admin settings remove user).

The problem is that user is still accounted in all yammer groups where he was a member.

We know that by looking at total number of members in that group.

If you go and search for that user in group he won't be found, so you can't remove him manually.

Same thing if you go to deactivated users and delete them.

Somehow they are still accounted by total number of yammer group members. 


So the question is how to delete those members to have right number of users in yammer group?


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AFAIK there is no way to change this, the number of members in the group should automatically synchronize after deactivating/deleting the account. Would simply give it some time and if the number of members remains incorrect, then create a ticket with Microsoft support and report it as a bug. 

@Pooya Obbohat thank you for the reply.

Its been a while already it appears to be bug.

Where can I open this to Microsoft?



@slavenqx The O365 admin center has a section to create support tickets. That is how I always create tickets with Microsoft support.