How to help users control notifications from storylines

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Storylines have just been introduced in our organization.  By default, users are now receiving notifications via Teams & email, when anyone they follow updates their storyline.  We are receiving a lot of feedback from users, asking how they can control that more efficiently than editing the notification settings for EVERY person they follow (could be 100's).  Are there any suggestions or automation that we can provide for users to control that more efficiently?  

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@JohnHearn See the controls on a user's Storyline page. This thing pops up when you follow someone, and you can definite it later by clicking on it.Picture1.jpg

@Kevin Crossman 


That is one by one, and it's tiresome to do this when you are already following a LOT of people. Isn't there a way to control this in a more central way? Like disable it by default, so we can instruct our users to enable it if they want?

@Casandra617 I took a peek through the admin side and saw that the only option we get is to turn Storylines on/off as a whole.   No ability to turn notification off at the org-level from here...