How to Find a Post from the Past

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Was asked something today which I'd like to share.  Person had a certain post he had made in the past and wanted to find it so he could reference it in another conversation.  He knew a certain string of words he had used but couldn't reemember when he had made the post nor what group he had made the post within.  Here's how to do it.


Basically, take advantage of the fact that every post you make automatically makes the thread in which you post get followed in your inbox.  Sure you can click on "Stop following in inbox", which breaks this method, but as long as you don't do that, this will work.


First, go to the search box on the left and enter in your search string.  Put quotes around multiple words.  




After you get your result set, go over to the right Advanced Search refiner and on the "In" section, select Inbox




Hit enter, and now you see the search results for that string, from only the conversations in which you have participated.

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Fantastic! I will share this with my network.


I've also directed people to click on their names to see all the conversations they've made--most notably with users who can't find the post they know they just posted on Yammer and are in a state of distress. It may take more scrolling, but eventually everything you've ever done will come up.