How to embed "All Company" feed on SharePoint intranet home page?

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HI folks, I'm trying to embed Yammer's "All Company" feed into a new SharePoint Online intranet home page (wiki page, mainly out of the box). Looks like you can't get the embed code like you can with a Yammer Group.


What's the best option here? Am I stuck with a redundant Yammer Group that has to have the permissions updated whenever someone joins or leaves the company? How do I keep users from being confused about two redundant feeds?


Any best practices or lessons learned you can share? I did some searching ahead of time and surprisingly didn't come across any posts with the same issue. So maybe I'm missing something.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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This "group" doesn't provide the Embed link in the sidebar the way other Yammer Groups do. And the new Modern Page web part for Yammer doesn't consider the All Company URL a valid one. So, doesn't look like this is possible.


Yammer's messaging for the past several years has been to focus on Yammer Groups for collaboration use cases, and de-emphasize the use of the All Company "group".  What is the use case for embedding this on your SharePoint site?

Central social communication, announcements, open-ended questions, sharing kudos, discussion. Separate Groups are of course going to be recommended to keep things on-topic in those areas (for smaller teams and collaboration), but for a company of 300 (in this case), having a central feed for various communications was requested (and makes sense, in my opinion).
That said, even my own personal newsfeed would be fine. Better, perhaps. But I don't see how that's embeddable either.
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Turns out it's pretty easy:

  1. Go to a Yammer Group (in Yammer). Could even be brand new, with no members.
  2. On the very right side, under Access Options, click Embed This Feed In Your Site.
  3. Copy the snippet of code that's provided and paste it into the SharePoint page as you would normally.
  4. Find the line for "Feed_id" and replace the number with all.

@Deletedthe question was for the All Company "group" and that group doesn't show the Embed link in the sidebar.

Well, no, I referenced the All Company feed. If it happens to be a Group (Yammer/Office 365 or otherwise), fine. But I was careful on my wording. I was already familiar with a way to embed a feed from a Yammer Group and noted the lack of that ability from the All Company feed.

But it wasn't a Group feed that I wanted. It was the All Company feed.

A respondent on Twitter pointed out that all I have to do is replace the Feed_id (which is specific to a Group) with "all" and it will show the All Company feed. This seems to solve my original conundrum.

Fair enough. There technically isn't an "All Company Feed" - it would be the "Discovery", "All", or "Following" feeds.

Perhaps this is semantics, but I'm going by Yammer's own phrasing. It shows up not only in the left-hand navigation but above every new post in that feed. Do you not see the same words I've highlighted below? Again, I'm simply using the same wording as the Yammer folks are.







The "Discovery" feed is different than the "All" and "Following" feeds in that same location.  When I go to "All Company" I get the "all" feed since that is my preference in my network. Those feeds are actually tuned to each user - "all" that you see might be different from what I see in the same network since we might be members of different private groups. It's not the same for everyone.

Even better.

I'm still using the "All Company" feed, ftr. If Yammer doesn't define/separate those terms, I can't be held liable. ;)
On a related note if you are building embed code for a Yammer feed this widget is useful.

Thanks Matt! I've been looking for a solution to this issue for months! 

thanks - i've been told this isn't possible - so pleased to read your solution

Sadly, I couldn't get it to work in a new SharePoint Communication site?  :(  

Modern sites have a dedicated Yammer web part, right? That's probably the issue. I think there's a general web part where you can simply drop JavaScript in, which should still support this. Could be wrong, though. I've never done it in a modern site.

Exactly. It has an "embed" web part for code but it's very particular about what snippets it will accept. I would love to make a communication site our new "home page" for the company intranet but the Yammer thing is, again, a deal killer. Previously, I tried creating a new "All Company" Yammer group so I can imbed it but people get confused and post in the default "All Company" group anyway which I can't surface.  Very frusterating. 

If you are building an intranet home page it would make more sense to set the embed to be the user's feed (of all their groups) and not just the All Company group.

All Company is the least useful part of a Yammer network.

I wasn't aware you could do that. Do you know how? I agree with you about All Company. However it's the feed that everyone sees first and where our users inevitably post to first despite whatever training that has told them otherwise.