how to delete "topic" in Yammer?

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Sometimes people write "bad" topics in Yammer posts (via hashtag or direct topic tag) and we want to delete them.  Misspellings are an example, or tags that start with multiple # signs.  Is there any way to delete these topics from Yammer search so they don't come up as "bad" suggestions?  This wasn't possible 5 years ago (see this tweet from Yammer team) but hopefully there's a better story now about completely deleting topic tags?

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You are able to delete your own topics..

Hey there, admins are able to delete topics. This could/should be a Community Management task. If you want a topic changed, shoot your admin a message with a link to the thread and they can help! 


Look to the right! 



Here's another thread on editing the topics which may be a solution for you in certain situations:

Are you suggesting you can remove a topic from a post you own (e.g. untag) or remove a topic from the Yammer tenant entirely? I'm trying to do the latter.

Hi Bob, you will need to manually delete every instance in order to remove it entirely.  

I'm now fairly confused. Specifying that the original question appeared to be about YAMMER topics, or, to be clear, topics on posts in the native Yammer interface. (Not this forum interface.) Right?


Because in Yammer, anyone an create a topic, and anyone can rename one or (depending on how it was created) edit it out of existence.


But there's no admin dashboard for topics. No special tools. Unless I missed a memo, so to speak. I've been wanting this functionality for ages and ages.


So what I've known historically is this: it matters how the topic was created. If it was hashtagged into existence, you can edit all you want, but the original version will respawn like a mythical phoenix rising from the ashes. You will want to delete all root posts with that hashtag, and if you can still access the topic when that's done (been a while since I had to do this), rename it for good measure (I use strings like 0000000).


A topic that's been created in the interface by "Edit Topics" is more flexible... just edit that topic once, and it will be applied across all the posts bearing it. 


My network uses the term "Yammer Success"... and my friends and power users sometimes accidentally create variants like "Yammer Succes". Every few weeks I look up my key few topics, note any fresh and unwanted variants on them. 


I then click on those variants, look at whether the new topic was hashtagged or field-applied, and take steps. If hashtagged, I will generally reach out to posters if they seem enthusiastic and it's likely to recur, asking them to help me out. I would need to let them know to repost fresh, if I'm determined to get rid of that hashtag by deleting their post(s) etc.!


Again, as far as I know, no changes to admin tools or new topic functionality has been introduced in the three years I've been running a network. I hope someone will tell me I'm wrong; that would be most welcome.

Yes, sorry for the confusion. Yes, anyone can edit/delete topics and anyone can edit/add topics in Yammer.

And yes, topics generally "respawn like a mythical phoenix rising from the ashes". (Ha!). There are no admin tools, and generally it's not worth trying to regulate unless it's something you NEED to delete.
So please you wrote that all down, as I was almost about to do a happy dance when I read we can delete topics... oh we can dream... reminds me to go find our Notes on Topic improvements...

Wicked helpful guy.

It is possible in Yammer, but I found the solution by accident - and I'm not sure this will work in the future - or is even supported by Microsoft on purpose. 


  1.  Find every conversation that contains the topic you want to delete.
  2. Remove the topic from every conversation 
  3. Rename the topic/tag: Add TWO underscores to the beginning of the word.
  4. WOLLA!


Wauw - this actually works!! Good job!

Where do you 'rename' the problem topic in step 3?



OK found it - not to worry.

@Lars Bo Wassini 


Dosent work

@Lars Bo Wassini thank you for sharing, however, this isn't really a solution that I was hoping for, it's more of a workaround if I may say so? I tried your suggestion and renamed the topic in question to one that starts with two underscores, which in a way prevented the topic I want to delete from surfacing as one starts typing (since the likelihood of someone creating a topic that begins with two underscores is next to zero). Then again, this doesn't remove anything, there're still traces of the now renamed topic lingering, I can still find the topic in question by starting with two underscores as I type.

I found the below post, but it seems that nothing has changed since Oct 2019.

Delete a Topic in Yammer - Microsoft Community


Help anyone?