How to combine different domain into 1 yammer network?

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Hi All,

Currently my working corporate has 2 separate domains in yammer.



The personA with domain 1 can't access domain2 yammer group.

How could I merge those domain into single yammer group, thus the people group with 2 domain account could view and access same yammer group?

Please advice.



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There is a lot of documentation on this online


Just search for "Yammer network merge". 


Also note that Microsoft has started merging networks on the 16th of October (check the message center in the 365 admin portal). As a Yammer admin, you can access the Yammer admin settings and you'll find a network merge wizard there (global O365 admins have Yammer admin access by default). The recommendation is to do the merge yourself as you'll be able to select the date. Also note that you can only keep the data of the parent network, the other network will be lost. You can export the data, but it's better to ask the users to do this as the export is just a set of CSV's/Files you don't want to dive into for users after the merge. After the merge, the users get a "welcome" email, which you can block in Exchange if needed. Just don't forget to unblock Yammer emails as some users rely on the email notifications.