How do you keep up to date with Yammer?

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This question and subsequent responses might cover best practice, personal preference, hot tips, etc.


Firstly, I do pretty much everything via Yammer, meaning I have my preferences set to rarely get emails, no daily or weekly digest type ones.


Currently I am a member of 32 groups, reduced recently from 60+ as part of an attempt to get my 'posts read' stat down.


My use indicates I mainly look at:

  • the groups list
  • my inbox icon
  • my notifications icon

Less so (at least recently) do I goto 'My feed'.


With more freedom I would certainly always scan my feed to meet my pedantic need.


Do you have a theory as to the best way to catchup in your network/s?

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My short answer would be: I have Yammer open all day, I have my steady go-to list of what I check, and for the rest, I hope for the best.


Because in reality, I am still trying to figure this out myself!


I have to come at this as a network admin, not a typical user, so my answers may or may not help.


Counting my home network, I am part of 18 Yammer networks, which is absolutely ridiculous in terms of time management as I find that at most, I really only check 2 to 4 of them, with my own External Network leading the pack as that's where my focus has to be.


So the way I keep up with Yammer ends up as such:

  1. My own External Network. Always have a tab or three open with various URLs on my External Network, one of which is always the Pending Notifications screen, one of which is the newsfeed, and one of which will be either All Network or an individual group. I do have a couple email notifications set up just in case, but I mostly just archive those.
  2. Home network*. I bounce over to the home network when I see an indicator on my network list that there is new stuff, or when I need to post/check something out myself. I have the daily digest set up but that's it.
    1. That said (and this outline system should have given me an "a"), when I am on the home network, I do still scan the newsfeed, but am most likely going to post / check out only a small handful of groups related to my job. I've joined far more groups than I regularly check. In my early days as the network admin, I rather felt that I had to be everywhere; I don't actually feel that anymore, but haven't quite let go of that Just In Case notion.
  3. One or two "other" External Networks. I click over when I see an indicator--or when I don't, interestingly enough, because I really enjoy being part of them and want to make sure I don't miss anything! But even there, depending on the size of the EN, I tend to stay in either All Network (based off the newsfeed where the same activity shows anyway), or in one or two individual groups.


Mind you, community management is on paper as 50% of my job right now; it's technically 75% and could be 100%, but I have more percentages allocated to everything else I do. So I actually could use MORE email notifications than my current settings in those networks I'm not actively visiting, but would that really get me to visit more? I'm not sure. At some point I came to a decision that it's okay to let go a bit.


The beauty of Yammer is that as my needs and focus change, I can tack back on some things and let go of others.


*Home network caveat: My job is such that my focus _can_ be on my External Network, as my boss thinks our home network is doing great and just as it should be.




Becky's answer is totally valid, but I'm finding it depends on how Yammer fits into your overall workload. I used to be about 80% Yammer and 20% Outlook when I was in Microsoft. There, I started in my Yammer Inbox, went to a few of my groups, and then moved to my Outlook (where my inbox was pre-triaged by some aggressive Exchange rules).


Now, I'm mostly in Workplace for internal agency comms, and mostly in Yammer for client work. In that mode, I find that I'm going to each important Yammer network as my tasks for the day require, and going group by group rather than using the Inbox view. Once a day, I check email. And life is good :) 

One of the great things about the current Yammer UI is that it bubbles your most actively used groups to the top of the list. So it's easy to go into Yammer to catch up on the most important group updates.


I'm basically like Becky where I am often in Yammer in between meetings, etc. I heavily leverage the Yammer Mobile app where I get push notifications for any Inbox items, and it allows me to stay current on the go during commute, in line at the grocery store, etc.

I've been on a kick lately helping people to trust their network to do the work. If your network / social filters allow things that really need your attention to slip by (or the reverse!) you may want to consider fine-tuning those relationships.

We all like ambient awareness but there is a saturation point. This is a conundrum that challenges our identity (for the better) and invites us to prioritize according to where we add unique value / benefit others in novel ways. I completely understand the felt need as a community manager to know everything. When the volume is so high a good move might be to invite others with a propensity for community to emulate your patterns and contribute in similar ways. In many perplexing moments I have wondered how to scale the sheer number of relationships I can cultivate at any given time. There doesn't seem to be a great solution or approach yet other than through others. Constraints keep us creative and on our toes.