How do you create Yammer polls

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I am a member of a large workforce group and wanted to create a poll to help judge a work contest. I don't see the option to.creat a poll. I only see question, announcement and update.
How can I create a poll?
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Hi Sylvia,

Please see here which will show you how to create a poll

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thank you Chris!

I now see the problem was that there is no option for "poll" on the Yammer app on my smartphone, but when I use my desktop version I can see then
poll option. Not sure why there is a difference, but the problem was that I was using my smartphone.
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Hi @DrFraBo 


Thanks - I can't say for other devices but for IOS then it should be possible - have just tested it using the latest version of the Yammer App. 


See image attached - should be down the bottom right - click on the ringed box which brings up Poll/ Praise/Question when creating a new post




Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris



Thanks Chris! I checked several times and there is no option using the Android version of Yammer to create a poll. This is just one of the small prices I pay for not conforming to the iPhone ranks...;)