How do Yammer recommended posts work?

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Failed my web search on this.

I'm asking because I cannot guess it from my feed. It's recommending me posts from communities I'm not part of, on subjects I don't have any interest in, and posts that aren't even a high count in terms of views or replies. What they do seem to have in common is above average reactions. For example a photo of a family pet in a Santa hat with 10 reactions and 40 views becomes a recommended post.

PS. I like pet photos.

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@DazzaR Secret sauce.


In theory - it's presenting posts you "might be interested in" based on others in the network who you interact with frequently (or from communities those people are members of), or which are getting lots of attention/responses.


If you read most of the posts in your network then it will start presenter posts that may be older and less relevant in an attempt to give you something you haven't seen yet. Which means that if you are a power user you may have a feed that's actually not a great example feed.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks Kevin. I'm now better prepared for when colleagues ask me the same. 

Is there an option somewhere to turn them off?

AFAIK, the answer is no.

But if you change your Home feed to All conversations@Kevin Crossman , there is no algorithm, just everything, correct? 

That's right. For everything you have permission to see (e.g. you don't see posts from Private Communities where you're not a member).

@Kevin Crossman do recommended communities work in the same way? I've a few new users to Yammer who are not seeing one of our largest and busiest communities in their home feed as a recommended community. Any tips for how to make it appear without having to keep promoting it every few months? edit: it's an open commuity.

Thanks, D

I don't think MS has provided guidance on the algorithm for recommended communities.