How do I archive a Group in Yammer.

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In Yammer how do I archive a group and then delete it. I need to back up the contents (because the content might be useful in future) but delete it from view of others. The 'content in the folder was only relevant to last year.

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Yammer doesn't have an archiving feature. What I would do is switch the group to private and remove the members. You can also add "archived" to the name, share a link to the current group in the description and explain that this group is not monitored. Admins can export data from the network, but you don't have an option to restore it later. 

Thank you for your reply. How do you 'export the data from the network'? 

This is the link, but you have to update the domain part


Only admins have access to that page and it will export everything. More info on this feature can be found here. Wouldn't recommend this approach for archiving as it won't be possible to make things available via Yammer the way everything is presented right now. 





Thank you for your help.