How can I show the All Company feed on a SharePoint online page?

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I would like to show the "All Company feed" on the homepage of the company intranet. But for some reasons I can't configure it in the Yammer Conversations web part. Any suggestions/workarounds on how to do that?

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I have the same question. I find all other groups except for that one. It just happens in some tenants, not all.

That's odd isn't it. Have you found a way to fix it in the tenants where it happens?

No, not yet, but I need to. Perhaps if you turn on Office 365 connection, but we shouldn’t have to.

@Thomas_Maeder It seems to be a bug that occurred when Microsoft activated Office 365 connected Yammer groups. On page 2 in the link below you can see that some people placed a support ticket at Microsoft and that helped. It could also help to refer to the discussion and even the support ticket that one of them shared. That is what I am about to do anyway, good luck! 

Thank you for the information Helena. Hopefully MS will fix it for you. I will also try via ticket.