How can I change an email address associated with a Yammer account?

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I have found a leader who signed up to Yammer years ago with a generic email address e.g. The thing is, now that he's a member of some private groups every person who has access to that email address is seeing the email updates for his private groups - issue for security of info and a terrible experience for them.


I can't find how to edit email address, especially now since we've merged across to O365.  

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Hi - the way I've always done it is through the "Bulk Update Users" menu under the Network Admin settings. You would just need a .csv file where row 1 and 2 would have:
Action Email Address Full Name New Email
update "enter existing email" "enter Name here" "enter new email here"

This is how I've typically made these name change updates and it's worked for me just fine.

The "Bulk Update Users" tool has worked great for me as well.