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I am curious about the new yammer home feed.  Home feed should be populating people we are following, communities we are in and topics that might interest you.  How long is it suppose to take before a new post shows?  After quite a bit of testing, even those I follow will not show up.  Also I have noticed that when a post does show up (hours to days later) most recent is not on top.  You have to scroll through the entire home feed to find anything new.  Is this broken or can someone please give me a run down on how the home feed is suppose to work?  How do you roll something like this out to your company when the main landing screen make no sense or works properly?

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Hi @theminntwins 


There was a recent blog post from Microsoft explaining the new feed here - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/yammer-blog/yammer-discovery-what-is-in-my-feed/ba-p/1596230


There are some questions in the comments too about how long it can take

Major update on how the Yammer Feed works and what's included and why.