Hide edit history in Yammer

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We were waiting years to be able to correct your own post.

That works now for a while.

Most of the time you want to correct your message because you did a typo.


But today I saw that everybody can see the history? 

Most of the time I do not have any clue why we would have that option available?


Why can't we disable this option?

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Absolutely agree with this.

Have raised a uservoice for you here

Would vote on it and get as many to do so as possible to push it up the agenda.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
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I think the edit history is important. Not only are there many organizations, such as law firms and accounting practices, that are legally required to be compliant in various and often exhaustive ways, I also think that Yammer should do whatever it can to encourage tranparency.


Usually, edits are pretty benign in nature, but sometimes they can reflect policy change, language change, etc. We just can't know, so I appreciate the option to see what those changes are when I can.



I agree, this is critical transparency. Maybe I'm fixing a typo or maybe I'm changing the meaning of the post.

@Geoffrey Bronner This is definitely depending for what purpose Yammer is used. But I understand that cases exist but not for everybody this is the case, that is also a fact. 

@Tom Noels Facebook has a similar feature and also does not let you hide the edit history from others.


I'm going to change the best response to the one that actually answers your question about why this can't be disabled. In this case, vast majority of customers do want to see the edit history. Providing a toggle would take additional effort/resources on the part of Microsoft and that effort may not be worth it when a small minority want the feature.


That said, if you're a Microsoft customer and this feature is important to your organization's use of Yammer you should escalate the concerns through your account team (and via UserVoice of course).