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Hey everyone! . I'm in the Product Marketing team for Yammer so please yell out if you have questions you think I can help out with. I love helping teams change the way the work through the power of working out loud. Very excited to be on here with you all and very much looking forward to working with you.


Please feel free to introduce yourself!

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Hi, i'm Dean Gross and I have been very active in the old O365/ITpro yammer network. Given that network provided a great opportunity for you to conduct a/b testing, I'd like to know how you will be conducting that type of testing after Sept 1 when it is shut down

Hello there, @Angus Florance! Happy to keep finding out great ways to work out loud.

Hi my name is Bob Crozier and I am the Emerging Technologies lead for AIA Group based in HK.  I look after our enterprise collaboration suite and it adoption and purposeful participation in solved business challenges and creating new opportunities.  


I look forward to engaging with you all!