Help! Yammer Conversations webpart for External Users

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@YammerTeam First, Our Yammer network is in Native mode, so I can't invite external users and can't use the Yammer conversations app in SharePoint. We are trying to release an Employee Portal but our employees consist of 165 locations that can use any system they choose for email. About a quarter of the locations use our Tenant for their email and are internal users (not a problem). the other 120+ locations use a combo of their own 365 accounts, G-suite accounts, or Rackspace mail accounts. These 120 locations can have full access to our network if they are added to the portal. They are essentially external members, not guests. Corporate (my team) owns almost all the domains these locations are using for their email and websites. The use of an external Yammer network is possible but terrible.  Because External networks don't use AAD control, they lack SSO in SharePoint. We don't want our users to have to log in twice just to start a conversation. Our main concern: How do we have conversations in SharePoint if we can't use Yammer to create a conversation feed? The worst idea ever was to force the use of the Yammer Webpart as the only option to create a conversation feed. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? Can I add the domains to our Tenant without adding any services to them so they show up as verified domains in Yammer? How are people creating usable conversation feeds for external users in SharePoint with Native Mode being enforced? I see there is a Yammer B2B guest access preview for Native mode but it's private and I can't seem to get access. Is the only solution really to force external users to sign in twice? I could create account for every user, but that is at least 600 users and would force the creation of accounts that are not correctly branded, due to the domain. Any ideas on how to get my users into my yammer network so I can create a conversation feed in SharePoint? 

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Hi @KRKHiram ,


One thing to bear in mind is the Yammer conversations webpart in SharePoint does not work for guest users even after they have signed into SharePoint.  You might know this from what you said below. 


There isn't any other feed that can be used for conversations in an Intranet type setting. Microsoft Teams could be an alternative but it depends on what collaboration you need.