Help: User in Pending status in Yammer


We have Yammer Enterprise and a user profile has the following properties. The user receives the following error even though an O365 E3 license is assigned. 

We're sorry, you don't have access to Yammer
You don't have a license to use Yammer with the account assigned to you by your work or school. Ask your admin to assign one to you. If you're an admin, you can assign one to your account.
id: populated
name: not populated
email: populated
job_title: not populated
location: not populated
department: not populated
api_url: populated:
deleted_by_id: not populated
deleted_by_type: not populated
joined_at: not populated
deleted_at: not populated
suspended_by_id: not populated
suspended_by_type: not populated
suspended_at: not populated
guid: not populated
state: soft_delete
How can the user be made active to enable a successful login to Yammer from O365. Do we need to send a new Yammer invite to the user ?
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