Hello - what does everyone think about embedding 360 video into Yammer?

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Basically to have a video player that supports all that funky 360 video content that can be easily produced with increasingly cheap 360 camera. 

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This a cool idea and I like how it's been used in the consumer world. Would be interested to hear how you think it could be applied to an internal productivity tool. Feel free to add this to the Yammer UserVoice site to get feedback from others and our product team. 

Hey Angus, 


I already submitted it to Uservoice. It was a lukewarm reception - but I remain hopeful that this feature will make its way into Yammer / Sharepoint (maybe through office365 video or stream?) 


How I see it used: 


- for companies with retail stores, would be a great way to run training for new members

- for new joiners in the company - they could look around in remote locations they have not yet had the chance to visit 

- Share a view of what a professional conference was like with those that can't / could not attend (yes - that's live streaming ;) ..

- It would be great if the player had the option to switch between normal 360 video and goggle mode - as you could then immerse people into these settings, using something as basic as Google Cardboard - directly from the Yammer app. 


It would be a great channel for distribution and discussion around VR content, within the safe confines of the company network, instead of uploading it to Youtube. 


6 months ago - it would have been  a stretch - but since, with the release of some reasonably priced 360 cameras - the content is appearing everywhere and it sadly doesn't find its way to productivity type interfaces even though you could argue that the digital story telling impact would be huge. (We've tried .. it's infinitely more potent than Powerpoint.)