Groupification creating multiple AllCompany-Groups in Directory & Problems with Rights

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Hey Folks, especially the MS Yammer Engineers,


I might have found a bug in the System.

For now We are in the phase to prepare Yammer for Roll-out and will soon get our Tenant reprovisioned towards EU for GDPR-Compliance. We have not yet native-mode on, but Groups like the All Company-Group has been groupified and I as an Admin have total Control over their settings. Since Reprovisioning will automatically enable native mode I will see how that will roll.


Now to the problem. The Groupification apparently makes some troubles when it comes to the All Company Groups, which I have seen on my tenant but also on another one which was newly reprovisioned. 

On the Following Screenshot you can see that three different groups were created, one without any additions to the domain, and then 2 with numbers on it and the first one (154) has been chosen to be the one controlling the Yammer All-Company group, hence our URL of its teamsite is /teams/gesamtesunternehmen154.

Multiple Groups for All Company Group.jpg


On two other tenants where I help out the Reprovisioning / activation of native mode created a Mailadress-Alias which is quite... large as it can be seen in the following Screenshot:

Long Alias when Native Mode.jpg

 For the All Company Groups I noticed also that we cannot edit the Settings and Name after native mode has been set active. Is that normal as for now or is it better for me to open a Support Ticket on both affected tenants?

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@Justin Jacob My tenant had the same issue with duplicate 365 groups being created when the All Company group was automatically converted to a connected group.


I logged a support case and was told to delete the groups in Azure AD that were not connected to Yammer. They ran some PowerShell commands to help determine which ones were linked. From memory this they ran Get-UnifiedGroup in the Exchange Online PowerShell, and checked the ServiceEndpointUris attribute for each group, the duplicate ones that were not connected to Yammer did not have a Yammer FeedURL listed