Group Membership Displays only 50

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As reported by @Ric Bullock, looks like the group membership UI only shows the first 50 members of a group, without a "more" button at the bottom.  Anyone else seeing this?

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I am seeing that, but if I type a name in the Group Members search box, I will see other names that are not in the top 50. Though I don't think that is a satisfactory solution, I guess it is possible to "surface" all member names though you can't scroll through a list, which would seem to me to be the best solution.

Yes, I am seing it as well. 


It is making difficult for me to export the groups member list something that I am doing monthly. 


Any workaround or any idea when this is going to be fixed?


George Lazaridis

You can try this.


You have to paginate after 50 and it's a pain but it's better than nothing. 

Someone needs to call in a support ticket.

For me it seems to be an alphabetical list of group members. Whilst it might only list the first 50 initially, it is on continuous scroll, so just keeping paging down.

I can't see this issue. Are you talking about the light box that pops up when you click on the number nexter to Members on the right hand side?