Group Insights - Read messages - What does 'Read' mean?

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The new feature 'Group Insights' is very helpful to obtain an idea of the community activity within a Yammer group. Numbers for 'Posted Messages' and 'Like Messages' are unambiguous crystal clear.

How do we need to interpret the number for 'Read Messages'?

What is actually counted and not counted as a 'Read'?

  • If someone opens the home feed and scrolls down in the list of 'Discovery', 'All' or 'Following' does that count as a read?
  • Similarly, if someone opens a group and scrolls down in the list of 'New/All Conversations' does that count as a read?
  • Or is a 'Read' counted only when the user opens the post as a single thread by clicking on the corresponding link?

Tx for shedding a light on this.

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best response confirmed by Eric Deferm (Regular Contributor)

If the message appears on your screen it's counted as a Read.


If you have a Group with 14 unread messages and you click the "Clear New" link, then those DO NOT count as reads.

Hi Kevin, tx for your valuable response.

I now discovered by using 2 different screen resolutions (1600x900 and 1920x1080) that you must scroll down to the end of the post before it actually becomes read. Very intriguing.