Group connected Yammer Groups

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We have O365 group creation limited to select individuals, including myself.  I noticed today that Yammer groups I created quite a while ago, 2-3 year back, that I'm no longer an Admin of, appear to have have the group connection pending.  Is anyone else seeing this?  I thought Yammer connected Groups wouldn't connect groups that were created before the feature was enabled?

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I see it as well, a bit disappointed in it, as it has created TONS of unused SharePoint sites in our environment

I'm actually seeing it as pending in all of our Yammer groups now.

Backfilling existing groups was always part of the plan. We have a few groups that did not backfill correctly so I have a ticket open on that.

Should it only backfill on groups that exist where the person who created the group, or is an Admin of, has permissions to create O365 groups?  We have that limited to a handful of people.  

Based on my interactions with support if the original creator was (or was not) eligible that can impact the backfill process even if they are not currently an admin. At least that is my impression.