Good news : "Edit post in Yammer"


Following the roadmap of Office 365 "Edit post in Yammer : Provides users the ability to edit posts after initial posting while maintaining the discussion thread history." is 'in Development'!

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Thanks for sharing the update Luc!

Gotta love Msft!

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This is now live.  You can Edit your posts.

If your post includes a file, is it possible to also edit and re-upload the file?

Does this apply to Polls, if you wish edit an answer prompt you have a typo in?

You can always upload a new version of your file. Just open the file and click on the "go to file" link shown at the bottom. Each file has it's own page. There you will see the option to upload a new version. 



You can't change the poll answers. Imagine lots of people voting on the poll and then changing the order of the answers. Wouldn't worry too much about typos. You can always comment below the poll and mention the typo or you can delete the poll if nobody has yet voted on it. 

Unfortunately it's not possible to edit posted links nor add/remove images, one has to re-post instead!


Re editing, versioning with history or limited time to edit ie. 1-2mins might be even better.