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I would like to change the default notification at the tenant level and users can add more notifications if they need. is this possible? I don't see a default notification setting in the admin settings but i can see it in account setting - e.g., my account screenshot below. 





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There isn't a control or method to change those settings on behalf of end-users.
Thanks Kevin, So the default is everything enabled, and each user must unsubscribe?

The problem is, when we create a "new public community", though users are not part of this "new public community", the whole company is receiving notifications - may be a weekly notification - of the activities that are happening in this new public community. Is there a workaround for this that you are aware of?

Maybe I missed a configuration step?
Presumably there's lots of activity in that community, and so the digest feed looks for active communities to highlight and raise awareness of. Normally this is a good thing.

If you mute the community it will bypass it from the digest emails, too.

This might be a good question for Microsoft support with the representative emails being part of this question.
ha! I thought Microsoft support is also here! I now have reposted this in Hope that's the right one.

Thanks Kevin!
Microsoft Support - is via your org's subscription to M365/Yammer.