Gifs on Yammer not playing past 1 rotation

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I am having a problem with gifs where they will not play after 1 rotation. To see if play more than once you'd have to refresh the page. 


Has anyonese else had this issue? I see the same thing on desktop and mobile. 

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Hi Lauren, I'm going to move this question to the Yammer group as folks there may have more insight.

Thanks Lana. I'm not yet uesed to this new network and I couldn't figure out how to post in the right place!

Haven't ever seen that one, and I love using gifs in Yammer. What browser are you using for desktop? On mobile, are you using the app? Which OS?

Hi Tom, I am on chrome (just updated it yesterday), our other users are on various other broswers. We all had the same issue.