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We are planning to replace out of the box site feed webpart from our sp2013 site collections with yammer. Just wanted to quickly check if it is wise decision with the introduction of Microsoft Teams, O365 Groups. Will the yammer still be available in future?




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Yammer will technically still be available, but I would really focus on Groups instead unless you have solid reasoning to not use Groups and use Yammer instead.

Yammer in the very near future will provision Groups anyways, and Group conversations (in lieu of Yammer conversations) may satisfy all of your needs, and then some.

Yammer isn't going anywhere necessarily, it can be used to underpin Office 365 Group conversations in the near future as outlined here.


2016-12-08 15_09_06-Work smarter with Yammer and Office 365 Groups - Docs.com.png


It's also being integrated more fully into Office 365 in general: 


2016-12-08 15_18_40-Connect your company with Yammer - a vision and roadmap update - Docs.com.png


There is a strong roadmap, including:


2016-12-08 15_21_52-Groove Music.png


I do get the point about Office 365 Groups being a pivotal element of Office 365, which isn't something to be ignored, as it's powering all sorts of new experiences.

Highly recommend you check out this video from Microsoft Ignite that details our plans to integrate Yammer with the Office 365 Groups service. Coming very soon!


The messaging contexts for Teams and Yammer are different.


Yammer is a direct analogy to the Newsfeed feature in SharePoint. Shows activity. Shows posts you make sharing thoughts, links, photos, etc. These are easily discoverable in the tenant using the "All" or "Discovery" feeds. Allows you to easily see what people are discussing/what's on their mind.


Teams is real-time chat that's intended for a specific audience. While these conversations can be accessed if the Team is public, you can't search across the tenant like you can with Yammer.