Finding the Top Posts in your Network



How do you get the Top Posts in your network - the ones that have the most replies?

This was a recent solution for a customer wanting to find the top posts in their network.


These instructions require you to be a Yammer Admin for your Network.


  • Go to Network Admin and select Export Data
  • Fill in an appropriate date range and click Export
  • Open the zip archive and open the Messages.csv file in Excel
  • Select all the rows in the first three columns (id, replied_to_id, and thread_id)



  • Click Pivot Table on the Insert Ribbon. There's no real need to change the default settings, unless you want to.Pivot.png



  • Now in the PivotTable Fields pane:
    • Drag thread_id into Rows
    • Drag id into Values.
    • If it says "Sum of id" in Values:
      • Click on the arrow to the right of "Sum of id"
      • Select Value Field Settings.
      • Change that to Count
      • It should now show "Count of id" in Values.

And there you have it - a neat table showing the number of replies per thread!


To see the actual message, substitute the thread_id for XX in the following link:


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Or use an awesome tool like tyGraph for Yammer to do it for you. :)
Community management is a labour of love, not often performed by a well-resourced army of data scientists. Of course there are some impressive tools out there, with far more sophisticated capabilities! Sometimes those just aren't at your disposal though.
TyGraph would be ace. Alas, no $$$$
And thanks for your help Ben!

Or you can use tableau to build the dashboard ;)



Really sad to see the leaderboards go. It made this job a cinch! Thanks for the capturing the instructions, @Benjamin Elias!


I was hoping that the Adoption content pack was going to get me closer without the heavy lifting of being an admin but it will only show who is *most* active in various departments. That would give you a good place to start. Looks like you are limited to the last month on this specific report. And the content pack is due out at the end of the April 2017.




Other solutions have trending threads / conversations. Would love to see product bake this in for greater shared awareness and collective context. I also wonder how much the leaderboards were referenced back in the day for this very purpose or was it just community managers. Who knows.

The leaderboard was a great reference tool @Noah Sparks - I used it often and incoporated it into my old weekly #thingsyoumayhavemissed as an opportunity to recognise the most active people, groups, topics ect.


I'll find a way around my current challenges - as much as I'd love access to a third party analytics tool - there are many of us out in the word with no budgets for some delights! 


Looking forward to seeing the PowerBI content pack.

It's not just the community managers who would like this. In the spirit of End User Adoption Month ... consider those who would like to understand the reach of their network. Leaderboards aren't only from the perspective of the community as a whole, they're quite useful through an individual lens too.

Thanks @DeletedUser2246 and @Rhiannan Howell for the tyGraph shout-out. Much appreciated. 


This is an important subject for community managers and business stakeholders alike. Nice work @Benjamin Elias.