External Yammer Network - Can we restrict it to users having email addresses from a certain domain

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We recently adopted O365 and hoping to use Yammer to collaborate within the organisation.. Since all our users are not in O365 (some are in previous platform); we hoped to create an External Yammer Network and allow them to join in.


However; can we restrict people having an email address from a certain domain only to join in.


e.g. Only allow users having an email from domain 


Your advice is highly appreciated.



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Yes, that is possible. Create the external network and then go to the admin settings. You'll find the following setting under configuration. 




Question is if you need to use an external network. Ideally, you should use the primary domain connected to your Office 365 tenant as reaching external networks requires additional input of users, both in the web version and the Yammer app. 


Yammer creates a network for the domain it finds in the users' email address. When all your users have the same email domain, they will end up in the same network. In case of multiple networks (e.g. when you have many subdomains), you can perform a network merge to connect all existing and new users to the same parent network. The global admin of O365 will automatically get verified admin access for the domain found it the email address if the domain is verified in your O365 tenant. 


In other words: users with an email on the sampath.ik should already be connected to the same network and users from other networks normally shouldn't be there. Your global O365 admin should get all the admin features there, allowing you to configure the network. Office 365 identities aren't enforced by default. This means that they don't need an O365 account to connect to Yammer. Microsoft will be enforcing O365 identities for users with an O365 account in April, but users with only a Yammer identity will still be able to log in. Hope this helps. 

Dear Pooya,


Thank you very much for the very detailed explanation. This will definitely help!