External Sharing of Media on Yammer - Can I turn this off?

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My organisation is concerned about privacy and will only allow the use of Yammer if there is a way to prevent the external sharing of content. The appeal of Yammer is that it seems be an entirely closed network, but the only exception I can see is in media attachments to posts with I can share to e.g. WhatsApp. How can this type of sharing be prevented?

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Hmm I would personally recommend disabling attaching files per article


Unless you intend to use Yammer connected groups which will shortly house files and attachments in SharePoint where you can disable external sharing.

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris. The problem is that we want people to contribute media, but once it’s posted we don’t want to share out. Context: We are a medical device company and images of surgery may be shared. This is legitimate use but rapidly becomes an issue if shared externally.
Hi @Archie13

Sure - understand where you are coming from. In this particular case, perhaps there is a better forum/means for this within Office 365 such as a SharePoint Communication Site or a Team where the content can be more strictly controlled. AFAIK with Yammer, in this instance it is really on or off in terms of whether to upload files or attachments.

There are uservoices of this type here

Block Share

Disable Share

You could also raise a uservoice itself for this. Other alternatives around this may be to implement an internal company policy with regards posting on Yammer.

Hope that helps to make a decision

Best, Chris

@Archie13 If I am reading this correctly the issue is attached files/image to posts?  As noted elsewhere, you can disable Files in Yammer.


Does you company prevent people from emailing outside your company with attachments? Have you head a series of incidents where internal people shared externally?


Yammer does have a terms of use feature that all users need to accept. Consider making this short and scannable and put something in there like DO NOT SHARE FILES OR INFORMATION FROM YAMMER OUTSIDE OUR COMPANY.

HI @Kevin Crossman Thanks for your post.

It may be that I am trying to achieve the impossible here but...

I wish to encourage company people to share information internally. This will include photo's of activities conducted with customers (external people) and anonymised x-ray images of patients. This is perfectly legitimate to do. 

However there is a risk that they may do so without permission, or may post something not anonymised. That is also fine, as long as it stays internal and we remove the offending material.

What the company wants though, is to prevent the possibility of this stuff being posted by one individual and then being shared externally by another.

Can it made so that it is one way travel into the Yammersphere? Or another way of putting it, once it is posted it is locked into place? Will disabling files in Yammer also disable the ability to post them in the first place?

I know this doesn't prevent screen grabbing, but we are comfortable with that.

@Archie13 The only way to "prevent" people from doing the wrong thing with posted files in Yammer (or in SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) is to prevent files from being posted in the first place.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks for the response. I figured that might be the case.